Chatuge Gun Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 86  
Hiawassee, GA 30546

      The Chatuge Gun Club Range is located in Towns County Georgia
approximately 3 miles from the summit of Brasstown Bald Mountain, the highest
point in Georgia; 4,784 feet above sea level.  It is located on United States Forest
Service property and operates under a Special Use Permit since 1981.  This
Special use permit with Chatuge Gun Club allows public use the second Sunday
each month from 1:30-3:30 pm  Call a club officer  Monday - Friday from 10 am
until 4 pm or contact by email, for more
      The range facility affords a 9-position, covered, concrete firing line with
shooting benches.  Firearms may be fired at distances varying from 7 yards to 100
yards by moving the target holders.  Shooters need to plan to provide their own
targets and staplers.  No exploding, tracer or any other incendiary ammunition or
target or situations that might cause a fire are allowed.  The range facilities are
available for use by Chatuge Gun Club members during any daylight hours and is
accessible by a key issued upon joining the club at a regularly scheduled monthly
meeting; paying the dues as described in the “Dues Policies” link on this website;
and signing an agreement with the club to understand and obey ALL range rules
as set forth by the Chatuge Gun Club.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, 21 April 2015 at 7:00 PM at the Towns
County Recreation/Conference Center, near the intersection of Hwy76 &
Hwy69 on the west side of Hiawassee, Georgia.
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Do not throw your gate key card away!  
Your key card will be good as long as you are current in your dues and a member in good
standing.  If you lose or throw away the key card, a replacement will cost you $25.00.
      Membership may be obtained by attending a regular monthly meeting held on the third Tuesday of
each month at the Senior Center in Hiawassee Georgia at 7 pm.
      The club presents “friendly” competition in various shooting sports almost on a weekly basis and
these competitions are open to anyone wishing to participate as long as basic range safety rules are
followed.  Reference the calendar link on this website for match dates and times.  These matches vary
and attempt to provide a forum of entertainment to satisfy almost all types of firearms from muzzle
loaders to semi-auto loaders.  If you are not familiar with some of the matches listed, please click on  
“Matches & Results” for details.  Most events are offered at no cost to the shooter either member or
non-member however, in some cases a small fee is charged to cover the cost of consumables such as
targets at trap matches etc.
      The Chatuge Gun Club has over 25 Certified NRA Instructors within its membership.  These
dedicated Trainers can afford ongoing opportunities for novice as well as experienced shooters to
further their knowledge and skills within the various shooting disciplines.  Our Range Officer as well as
any of the Club Officers can guide you to the particular training you desire.
      We also have an Airgun Program during the cooler winter months.  We present “clinics” as well as
scored matches for both 10 meter air rifle and air pistol competition.   Click on the “Airgun Program”
navigation bar for more details.  
Except for days when organized matches are conducted, there is no Range Officer present.  Members
must maintain safe range procedures by following range rules as posted.

Non-Discrimination Statement