Artie DelPup was the winner of the 2016 and last Shootist award. Congratulations, Artie!!

2016 “Shootist”
Artie DelPup (on left)
The first Chatuge Gun Club "Shootist"
Russ Schoetker
2007 "Shootist"
Rick Steffan
2008 "Shootist"
Keith McMahan
2009 "Shootist"
George Dazy Perry
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SHOOTIST AWARD - No longer being done.
2013 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2012 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2010 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2011 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2014 "Shootist"
John Hagan

The “Shootist Award” (now discontinued) was started in 2006 as an incentive to encourage more participation in matches.
It became apparent early on that the winner of the award would need to compete in as many matches as possible, in
addition to being proficient with a pistol, rifle and shotgun. The matches are open to members and non members. Non
members are not eligible for the shootist award. With the exception of the trap matches, the matches are free. The
competition runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Check the club website and/or the hard copy of the
newsletter for match dates. New shooters are welcome. If you enjoy shooting, you will have fun competing. 2016 was the
last Award.
The top 10 shooters for 2016 are:
Artie DelPup
Joan Moody
Jim Vance
Steve Boatright
Thad Bynum
Ed Jones
Jerome Schreiber
Keith McMahan
Gene Blackburn
Bart Rynolds
Top 10 for 2016 are listed below.
Past Winners
2015 "Shootist"
Safety The Final Responsibility is Yours