Chatuge Gun Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 86  
Hiawassee, GA 30546

SAFETY The Final Responsibility is Yours
It is requested that all members use their Club Name Badges at all club activities. It makes it   
easier to identify members from guests and also let us know who you are so we can say
Tradin' Table
If you have something related to the shooting sports you wish to trade, sell, give away,
or are looking for, post it here.
Send your listing, with contact info and your
Club Membership Number,
Items sent in for the Tradin' Table will be posted here on the Bulletin Board page.  
We will only post in
Newsletters that will be printed and mailed.  Please notify me when items
are found or sold, otherwise they will remain up for one month and then you will need to
resubmit them.  If you want you may send a photo of your item(s).
Hint; improve your chances to sell by bringing the item to a meeting. (Any gun
MUST be unloaded
and rendered


Glock 30SF   45 ACP  With 2 10 rnd Mags like new in org box.   
Contact Don Blake  352-989-2500   I will be in Haiwassee until Nov.

FOR SALE: 9mm target ammo, $6.00 per box of 50 or ammo can with 1000 plus rounds for $100.
All brass cases, 124 grain hard lead, great for target or self defense.  I have a Class 5 Federal
License to reload and sell ammunition.  All reloaded to SAMMI specs using IMR Powder...
email me at