Chatuge Gun Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 86  
Hiawassee, GA 30546


Matches are held November - April on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
Matches are held in the Old Rec Center in Hiawassee, not at the range.
Matches start Sunday November 1st

12:30 PM - Setup (come and help) & Registration
1:00 PM - Practice, then start of match
Times subject to change)
Call Marie Green for information at 386-562-7011

Directions to Rec Center:  

From Blairsville, take Hwy 76 through Young Harris toward Hiawassee. You will pass the Georgia Mountain
Fairgrounds on your left.  As you cross the bridge over the lake put your left turn signal on.  The recreation
center will be the first building on your left. Enter through the far right door into the gym.  
GPS: 34.962090-83.762368

Google Map
Safety The Final Responsibility is Yours
Here is what you will need.

1. All rifles & pistols must have CBI's
2. We shoot only in the standing position.
3. We follow the CMP rules.

Any Rifle and/or Pistol with open sights that “does not” exceed 600 FPS be it a single pump,
Co2 or PCP (pre charged pneumatic). No magnum high velocity air guns are allowed. Caliber .177 only.

Popular Rifles are the Daisy Avanti 753s and 887 Gold Medalist Co2, Crosman Challenger in PCP or Co2
and the Air Arms T200 Sporter PCP and Co2

Popular Pistols are the Daisy Avanti 717 and 747, Crosman 2300T and Silhouette PCP,
Air Arms Alfa Proj PCP
All Pellets must be Wad Cutter, Flat nose profile, no pointed or dome pellets are allowed.
Most target pellets weigh 7.0 gr to 8.2 gr.

Don't have an Airgun?  Not to worry, come on down anyway.  Things will work out.